Can't use kwrite in konqueror root

If I in a shell type:

kdesu ‘konqueror --profile Myview’

I can then edit ie. XF86Config-4 and save it with kwrite through konqueror.

But when I try to do the exact same thing after closing konqueror I get this
error when I try to open XF86Config-4

KDEInit could not launch ‘kwrite’

For some reason it only works correct the first time, the second time I get
this error…is it a bug?

Not in FVWM I shouldn’t have though.

I get the error in FVWM!

if you’re running FVWM then every error you get, you’re going going to get in FVWM. That doesn’t mean that FVWM is the cause.

Ok but do you have any idea why I get this error?

Not a clue. I’m not a KDE guy.

Look, this forum is kind of tightly focussed. We’re interested in one specific thing here which is FVWM. As in how to configure it, how to script it, how to hack it.

We don’t do support for things that don’t involve FVWM because we don’t know so much about them, being as how the board focus is FVWM and that’s what we all know. If we answered questions on anything that runs under FVWM as well as FVWM itself then we’d be the guys that answered questions on everything from Linux (in all its many distros) the BSDs, OS/X, Gnome, KDE, kenel hacking, and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.

That’s more than we know about. We’re not interested in all that. And those bits that we are interested in we prefer to answer in relevant fora. I personally will answer a wide range of questions pertaining to Gentoo Linux, if you ask me on the gentoo linux forums. On this board, we just want to talk about FVWM

Now if you have a a case where something works perfectly under envirnment foo, and yet fails to run under FVWM, and if it seems likely that FVWM is the cause of the problem, then yes, we may well be interested. But we’re not a general purpose support forum, and nor are interested in becoming one. We want to maintain a tight focus on FVWM here so that this board becomes a resource for FVWM users with FVWM problems.

Am I getting through here?

Now there are lots of fine boards out there offering similarly focussed support for other areas. If, for example, you have a problem because firefox doesn’t render slashdot correctly, we will not be interested. However the good folks at mozillazine will probably be able to help you. If Konqueor mis-renders your favourite mime tipe, that is not our problem, but one of the KDE boards will probably be able to advise. And if you have some mysterious problem invilving service start up, your favourite media player and the last kernel upgrade, we will be massively uninterested, but your distro’s support boards are probably full of people with the same problem.

And if you have a question about FVWM, we’ll be happy to help.