Centering a window while using Xinerama

I am currently using FVWM with Xinerama and I am very happy of the overall experience. The only problem I found is related to my multi-monitor setup. I have a 3 monitor configuration using Xinerama, which I enabled in the WM through the option

Xinerama On
XineramaPrimaryScreen 0

What I have noticed with this setup is that using the default placement style for the windows i.e. CascadePlacement, the windows tend to be placed in the current monitor I am using (unless this is overrided by the application itself). The only problem I have is with the style PositionPlacement Center, which instead of placing the windows at the center of the current screen, it places them at the center of the 3 monitors. Is there a way to place a window relatively to the current screen rather than relatively to the geometry of the 3 screens?


Use fvwm3. The RandR support will fix this for you.

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Thank you, I have just switched to fvwm3 and now it seems to work as intended.