change application menu fonts??? (not fvwm menu fonts)

hi guys:
I have been trying to find how to change application menu fonts (not fvwm fonts), I tried “defaultfont” “font” tags in the config, does not work.
I am afraid this is defined by X, not by fvwm?? specifically, I mean the fonts of gnome applications like gqview and gnomemeeting, which I run under fvwm. ( sorry I don’t have a gnome-session installed because I use fvwm, so I can not have access to an easy GUI font-setting interface )


Well, you will either have to edit your ~/.gtkrc by hand (search google for examples) or you could use gtk-theme-switch to have it generated for you.

This is really where you need ‘gnome-settings-daemon’ and more importantly ‘gnome-font-properties’. That said, for GTK2 apps, you can probably use something like this in your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file:


style "user-font" {

Or something like that, at least. I know gnome-theme-switcher{,2} can provide such things, I’ve found it to be hit and miss.

– Thomas Adam

And if changing the font doesn’t work as expected you might want to try the suggestions from this thread for changing X’s dpi.