Change only look and feel

This question does not relate to fvwm-themes exactly…

I have my ~/.fvwm/config file setup quite satisfactorily,

possible to retain all my settings, but just change the look and feel of things like titlebar, pager, desktop stuff etc… and be able to do this again and again with different themes.
Basically I want to know if themes can be handled like they are in every other program, just change look without touching keybindings and other stuff.

I tried fvwm-themes but it seems to overwrite the themes-rc files.


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So why have you posted it here?

fvwm-themes doesn’t read ~/.fvwm/config

This is why you would convert your current theme to fvwm-themes.

Lots of people seem to do this, reinventing the wheel as they go. There’s documentation on the fvwm-themes website about making new themes – it’s quite simple. Just use the naming convention. The files are modular and split up so that different settings from different themes can be mixed in.

– Thomas Adam