Change window title pixmap on shade up/down

FvwmEvent has a windowshade and dewindowshade event. Just use FvwmEvent to listen for them, and ChangeDecor for the window as appropriate.

If you want me to supply sample skeleton code, I can do.

– Thomas Adam

Ok. First thing then would be to setup FvwmEvent. As I said before you can get it to listen on WindowShade and DeWindowShade. I’m assuming that you have already defined a decor that will be used in both instances.


DestroyModuleConfig FE-WSDW: *
*FE-WSDW: Cmd function
*FE-WSDW: Delay 1
*FE-WSDW: windowshade FuncChangeDecorWS
*FE-WSDW: dewindowshade FuncChangeDecorWS

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmEvent FE-WSDW

… which listens to those events. All you then need to do is to setup the function that will respond to those events, as in:

DestroyFunc FuncChangeDecorWS
AddToFunc FuncChangeDecorWS
+ I ThisWindow (shaded) WindowStyle UseDecor windowshadedecor
+ I ThisWindow (!shaded) WindowStyle UseDecor dewindowshadedecor
+ I UpdateStyles

The above function then just checks to see whether the window is shaded or not, and applies the appropriate decor.


– Thomas Adam