changing Style of FvwmButtons module

Hey guys,
I have a FvwmButtons module, which i want to be “on bottom” most of the time, but i need it to pop over all other windows when i press one of its buttons.
i seem not to be able to change style of that module (when i press the button, nothing happens), can anyone help? here’s the code i have:
(i tried it with StaysOnBottom/StaysOnTop with same (=no) effect)

DestroyModuleConfig Dash: *
*Dash: Geometry 202x998-0+0
*Dash: BoxSize smart
*Dash: ActiveColorset 15
*Dash: Colorset 15
*Dash: Rows 1024
*Dash: Columns 200
*Dash: Padding 0 0
*Dash: Frame 0

Style Dash Sticky, NeverFocus, Layer 0, WindowListSkip, NoHandles, BorderWidth 0, HandleWidth 0, NoTitle, NoIcon, Colorset 15, BorderColorset 9, HilightColorset 13, HilightBorderColorset 9

DestroyFunc ChangeLayer
AddToFunc ChangeLayer
+ I Dash Layer 10

*Dash: (200x32, ActionOnPress, Icon dash/gimp.png, ActiveIcon dash/gimp_a.png, Action(Mouse 1) `ChangeLayer`)

thanks for any help

The problem is in your understanding of what a command is in FVWM. The above line says the immediately, the function is to run some command “Dash”, which is stupid because there is no command. You really mean:

+ I ThisWindow (Dash) Layer 10

– Thomas Adam

crap, i copy-pasted it incorrectly, nevermind :slight_smile:
i tried what you’ve suggested

+ I ThisWindow (Dash) Layer 10

but i get the same problem, nothing happens, the window stays in layer 0. couldn’t there be some conflict between what i’m trying to do and style of that module? (all those neverfocus, windowlistskip etc.)?

So use ‘PointerWindow Layer 10’ then.

– Thomas Adam

nice! working perfectly, thank you