Chris sector - first try

After month of using *boxes I converted to fvwm some weeks ago.
Here’s my first shot.


fvwm 2.5.18 patched on Debian Sarge

don’t laugh about me…just started :blush: 8)

new one, work in progress … 5-62630651

I really like your decors :slight_smile:

thank you! :smiley:

Have to agree, your new one is very nice, very clean. :slight_smile: … 0-63855565


new one…config will be uploaded in a few days … n-68740309

Nice 8)

thank you! 8)

config avaiable at: … w-69696413

version 0.2 of my current config


  • added dynamic-screen-menu
  • new window functions (max vertical etc.)
  • added transset-df + xcompmgr
  • new menu appearance settings
  • changed fvwm buttons
  • updated resource files
  • some fixes and improvements

Nice work on version 0.2

thank you! :smiley: