clearing the clouds around thumbnail-scripts


I have a question about thumbnailing a window.

The first function for this that I saw was that from taviso: It seemed to work, but was a bit slow.
Then I found the one from sasha which seemed to be a good alternative. I’m using this one now. (also saw a modified version of this one on PEM’s site)
Now I found another one, which I didn’t try, this one:

It’s all getting a bit cloudy here… :confused:

Nick wrote about some of his advantages compared to taviso’s script. Is there a difference between the script of Nick and the script of sasha that I should be aware of? which one of the 2 should I use? or are there any onter scripts for this that I missed?

The reason I ask this is because my system isn’t the fastest one (500MHz) so the speed of the script is important. I don’t want minimizing (thumbnailing) a window to take 2-3 seconds.
Would it make a difference if I got rid of the icon on the thumbnail?
(I’m using fvwm to have a lightweight wm)


Perhaps it would make a speed increase. Given the necessary mechanics of taking thumbnails, this will always be an issue on (older) hardware. It would be nice if more applications supported the “active icon” options, such as xterm and emacs.

Not that I use thumbnails, mind.

– Thomas Adam

If you want to use Fvwm as a lightweight wm I’d get rid of the thumnailing altogether beause, whichever approach you use, it’ll always cause some overhead.

The difference betwee Nick’s and sascha’s way of doing it is that Nick wrote an entire Fvwm module to handle this, this approach is faster that taviso’s as a lot less processes need to be started. Sascha on the other hand wrote a C program to handle the thumbnailing, this is arguably the fastest approach and I suppose that an Fvwm module written in C would be the ideal (read fastest) solution to this problem.

thanks for the replies, I guess I’ll just stick with sasha’s code. If it gets anoying I can disable it :wink: