Clearlooks (a feeble attempt)

Here is my feeble attempt at porting Clearlooks to a fvwm decoration. I tried in vain to make rounded corners (I looked closely at the mac osx deco that someone posted and I still couldn’t figure it out :angry: ), so if anyone wants to improve upon this, by all means, please do!

Here’s what it looks like:


Thank you for this beautiful window decor!!! I modified it alittle by shrinking it down form 23x23 to 14x14 cause i like a thin window decor. Keep up the great work.


Glad you like it :smiley:

Can I see a screenshot of your modified decoration? just curious…

Sure thing man here ya go

@VoiDeR dwd i love your Wallpaper can you please tell me where did you found it ?

Sure thing mascanho. I forget where i found it but heres a link to it on my site.

tks man really preciate :smiley:
I love this wallpaper Styles :stuck_out_tongue:
btw whats those apps on your shot on the left bottom corner ?
desklets ?

heres mine …

Actually its a program called Thats what it looks like when you use Xorgs Xcomposte extension. You should post your config. I really like your Menu setup.


liked a lot your config :slight_smile:

where are those icons from? they look so nice!

check out conky if you like torsmo. It’s a fork since torsmo development kinda died.