clearly dark

Okay, I have finished my theme finally! Many thanks to all the wonderful people on IRC that have helped me.
I posted my config on DeviantArt, so you can download it from here, and you can also my notes on the screenshot on it’s flickr page.
Here’s a small screenshot to give you an idea what it looks like while my huge 1600x1200 screenies are loading elsewhere :wink:

Cheers to all,

Wow, I really like it. The quit dialog looks nice as well.

Feels good finally having a working, good looking config, doesn’t it?

Glad you like it. Yes, it’s very satisfying.

A couple of things that make it nice that you can’t see in the screenshots:

  •   Game-type terminal that unshades down from the top
  •   Alt+F2 shades window <-- VERY useful
  •   gmpc in the tray <-- toaster popups for mpc, plus a frontend
  •   gaim <-- Guifications plugin =toaster popups so I don't have to have my buddy list up.
  •   wallpaper browser in menu
  •   Fvwm man page links in menu


how can i do rounded corners both on the top and on the bottom of windows?

You need the patch from frogb, but in the .fvwm2rc, just put:
Style * RoundedCorners
That’s it!
And if you don’t want them on certain windows, just put:
Style myspecialprog !RoundedCorners

Hope that helps,

i found patches:

  1. is the gentoo fvwm package already patched?
  2. how to install a single patch? do i have to cut and paste the code somewhere?


soigres , you may have a look here
it’s a cvs-ebuild.If you don’t want some patchs to apply, just remove them from

EDIT: ho , and very nice one acercanto :slight_smile:

It’s better to let all patches in, because some patches need others in order to patch correctly :confused:


Can you please post your config for your taskbar? I would like to set up something like that, I haven’t succeded to make tray work yet, and it seems your taskbar has tray.

You can PM me or send me an email if you don’t want to put configs for public.

Read the frist thread again he states where his config can be downloaded.

I have had problems with tray apps for some reason. I tried trayer, but whenever it acquired a new icon, it would unswallow itself and need a restart of Fvwm to get it back. The same kind of thing happens with lxpanel (the program I’m using now), but only when I change a config setting of the panel, so it’s bearable. Any ideas are welcome.

Use stalonetray… Just downlaod source, compile it, and copy src/stalone binary to your ~/.fvwm/bin or ~/bin (or whatever you use), and try it.

It works well for me, and it even picks up KDE icons.