ClickTime & DoubleClickTime question

Are the ClickTime & DoubleClickTime config options only specific to fvwm or do they affect applications running as well?

I only ask this, beause in my config they don’t seem to have any effect on the applications, but I was wondering if I was doing something wrong.

A bit of history for you. Back in the day (before Microsoft was but a gleam in some green silicon chipboard), the double-click idea to Do Stuff ™ didn’t really exist – at least, not in the pseudo-MS world that we know today. At the time X10 was written, there was no concept of a double-click. In X11 there still isn’t (for lots of good reasons).

Hence FVWM defines a double-click as the time between one single click and the next. This is measured in terms of milliseconds. The timeout occurs for button release (I believe – I’d have to check the source to confirm this). Hence this really only affects functions wherein, you can do:

DestroyFunc foo
AddToFunc foo
+ C Exec exec xmessage "Ha!  A single click."
+ D Exec exec xmessage "Ha!  A double click."

Mess around with different times to the ClickTime command – it’s interesting.

Note that you’ve been a little naughty in grouping ClickTime and DoubleClickTime together like that – they operate in completely different contexts, the latter of which is only affecting menus.

Nope, you’re doing eveything correctly. A double-click within an application is rare. It can never be that an application should request this, as it would have no concep of what a double-click would be – as it would only ever see it as two single clicks, possibly that are seemingly close together. As with key-bindings, FVWM “intercepts” mouse clicks depending on whether you click on an Icon, or a window border, a title, etc. Given that you haven’t said which application, or in what context you think a double-click is meant to be useful, you should realise that the application isn’t going to care.

– Thomas Adam

haha, ok… Thanks for clearing it up!