Clipboard manager for FVWM

What clipboard manager (or built in feature or function) is good with FVWM?
I have switched to FVWM from XFCE and the only really important thing missing from my setup is a clipboard manager.


Fvwm doesn’t provide a clipboard manager. Just install one that suits your needs, there are a few to choose from.

In Debian I see things like clipit, copyq, diodon, and various others. Look around and choose one you like.

I am not sure what is a “clipboard manager”. I use a thing called xclipboard, does it qualify for it ?

I am experimenting with OpenBSD which is a bit more limited.

Yes it does, thanks for that, I was trying to install it from packages in OpenBSD till I realised it comes preinstalled. The other one I’ve found that looks promising is xcb (X Cut Buffers).

There is xclip which is commandline only and has various uses in scripts.

Edit: After some experimenting I’ve found xclipboard manages clipboard contents that are made by pressing ctrl+c, while xcb manages clipboard contents made by highlighting a selection (and copied by pressing the middle mouse button). It is quite useful to have them both running at once.

Edit2: It seems that in FVWM xcb will only store clipboard contents made by highlighting text in xterm or xconsole (that I’ve found so far), while highlights in Chromium, Firefox, and various text editors do not appear in the xcb window (although they can still be copy pasted with highlight then middle click), making it considerably less useful.

Yes, that’s what I appreciate about OpenBSD: it has some minimalist X installation as part of base install (if you choose that part), and it really is practically useful.