Colorsets for active/inactive windows

For some reason, there are no difference between the active
and inactive windows’s titles.

I have tried with different values in the colorsets, but nothing
is changed by that. Actually I don’t know what controls the
color of the title. :blush:

Am I missing a style definition? A bug somewhere that makes
it roll back to default?

Any suggestions will be appreciated,


From my fvwmrc:

[code]Colorset 5
fg #333333,
fgsh #c2c4c7,
bg #cccccc,
hi #808080,
sh #808080,
RootTransparent buffer

Colorset 6
fg #ffffff,
fgsh #9c9c9c,
bg #4a4a4a,
hi #808080,
sh #808080,
RootTransparent buffer

DestroyDecor DefaultDecor
AddToDecor DefaultDecor

  • TitleStyle Height 18

  • TitleStyle InActive ( Colorset 5 – Flat ) Active ( Colorset 6 – Flat )

  • AddTitleStyle InActive TiledPixmap titlebar-mid-focused.xpm – Flat

  • AddTitleStyle Active TiledPixmap titlebar-mid-focused.xpm – Flat

  • ButtonStyle All InActive Colorset 5 – Flat

  • ButtonStyle All Active Colorset 6 – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 2 Active TiledPixmap button-close-pressed.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 2 Inactive TiledPixmap button-close-focused.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 2 AllUp TiledPixmap button-close-prelight.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 6 Active TiledPixmap button-minimize-pressed.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 6 Inactive TiledPixmap button-minimize-focused.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 6 AllUp TiledPixmap button-minimize-prelight.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 4 Active TiledPixmap button-maximize-pressed.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 4 Inactive TiledPixmap button-maximize-focused.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 4 AllUp TiledPixmap button-maximize-prelight.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 3 Active TiledPixmap button.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 3 Inactive TiledPixmap button.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 3 AllUp TiledPixmap button.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 5 Active TiledPixmap button.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 5 Inactive TiledPixmap button.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 5 AllUp TiledPixmap button.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 1 Active TiledPixmap button-menu-pressed.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 1 Inactive TiledPixmap button-menu-focused.png – Flat

  • AddButtonStyle 1 AllUp TiledPixmap button-menu-prelight.png – Flat

Style * UseDecor DefaultDecor[/code]

Well, your using the same style for both active and inactive titlebars (the last two lines).

As a sidenote I don’t really see the need for having both of the first and the following two lines, they both define an Active and Inactive TitleStyle resulting in the second definition overriding the first.

As a related question; I see lots of people using the AddToDecor DefaultDecor -thingie. Now, is there some advantages using that, or is it the same as using TitleStyle, ButtonStyle etc. alone?

Well, it allows you to use different decors for different windows, I suppose that when you don’t use TitleStyle and ButtonStyle and such that you are in fact setting the defaults.

Aha, ok. That gives me an idea… 8)

Ahh, thank you :slight_smile:

I think the first line makes the transparent part of titlebar-mid-focused.xpm RootTransparent (for rounded corners). Got it from gulivert’s config, but messed it up :blush:

When I come home, I will try to move TiledPixmap etc. into the colorset, and remove the last two lines. Maybe it won’t override the colorset then then. Seems strange, but the RootTransparent entry is not overridden.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you whether it works until my ISP goes alive again…

Didn’t work, but I found out that I was messing with the wrong thing. The colorset defined by TitleStyle should just contain RootTransparent. The color of the active/inactive title should instead be defined as this:

Style * Colorset 5, HilightColorset 6