Combination of MoveToPage + GotoPage: Can flickering be avoided?

Hi there,

I am usually anxious to strategically place open windows on the virtual desktop, and find it tedious to do so with the mouse. Because I usually also want to go where I place the window, I have written a simple function:

DestroyFunc MoveAndFollow
AddToFunc   MoveAndFollow
+ "I"	    MoveToPage wrapx wrapy $0 $1
+ "I"	    GotoPage   wrapx wrapy $0 $1

This works fine when called with, e.g. 0p +1p to move a window one page to the right and move the viewport along with it. The only minor nuisance is that fvwm flickers when I call this function. It does not flicker when I only call MoveToPage or only GotoPage. Is the flicker unavoidable (caused by the new visible placement, perhaps), or can something be done about it? (I have tried the reverse order, i.e. move viewport first and window second, but that makes not difference.)

Best regards and many thanks for any thoughts,


Use PipeRead when calling the function. This will cause FVWM to block.

– Thomas Adam