Comment about new forum

I am a bit disappointed by the new forum (I quite liked the phpbb i/f which most if not all forums I follow use) and in particular by the login procedure … apparently instead of the old nickname (which I kept “permanently logged in”) I have now to use my (institute) e-mail, wait for a link and paste it back into the crippled browser I am using while locked down at home (I read my mail via ssh on the institute machine in order to keep everything stored where it should be).
I have an (institutional, organization wide) Gsuite account, but I tend to use it only when really necessary to avoid been tracked.

All this probably mean my activity on the forum will be rather limited insofar the lockdown lasts.

This does not mean at all a decrease in my sympathy and support for FVWM

Hi @Lucio_C,

Sorry to hear that, but we won’t be returning to PHPBB. It had a huge administrative overhead, whereas these forums do not.

As for your login problem, would my enabling more SSO providers (such as Google) help?


Hi @Lucio_C.

Like you, I thought I had to receive an email every time I wanted to log in, but no. You have to go to your account settings and ask for a password change. Then you’ll be able to log in with username and password.