Complex Functions tutorial?

Can anyone point me to a tutorial on writing complex functions, outside of the fvwm man page?

If one exists, I would sure like to be able to take a look at it.


Most complex functions consist for 90% out of external scripts whose output is then used in Fvwm via Piperead, so apart from reading other people’s functions and learning some programming language (be it the shell or some other one) there isn’t much to find about it.

What do you want to know? What;s in the man page is OK, if you want to know how a particular command will react. All you need to do is to, as tBD says, look at other people’s config. Indeed, reading this section of the forums will help – it’s dedicated to the idea of complex functions.

In addition, most of my replies to your post all involve some form of complex function, where commands are run in context to something happening. But unless you have something specific in mind, telling you what a complex function is or does, is meaningless – they’re just an automative way of chaining together several FVWM commands to do a specific task.

– Thomas Adam