Config for Metisse - getting max. usability



This is my small config (170 lines). You must have Metisse installed to use it.
To run, use these commands:

Xwnc -ac -geometry 1280x1024 -dpi 96 :1 fvwmi -f /path/to/the/config -d :1

When you run it, you’ll see only an empty deskop.
To run xclock, press F10.
To enable FvwmProxy, press F11.
To open window list, press F12.

To run gmrun, press Alt+f.
To run xterm, press Alt+a.
To switch between workspaces, press Alt+w/e/s/d.
To run XFE, press Alt+q.

For PagerMode On, use mouse 4 on the background.
For PagerMode Off, use mouse 5 on the background.


I improved the config! Many useless features are dropped, usability is improved.
I also made a video. It is very fast so watch it carefully :slight_smile:

Oh wow. I just watched the video. Very cool

I really like it. Good job!

Look nice! BTW - the config link is broken…


The link’s broken again - you should have read, that pastes at only stay for 24 hours :wink:

If you should need a place to host it, let me know.


Or just put it on the wiki, or use which gives you the option of not exiring pastes.

– Thomas Adam

aw man! I installed metisse to try out this config :confused:

plz rehost

I chatted with stjepan a few days ago… he doesn’t have the config anymore…