config, second try

My new config is finally ready…

Screenshot #1:

Screenshot #2:

Nothing special. :wink:

Very nice :smiley:


wow, your config is very beautiful!!! there’s the possibility you post the configuration? in any case congrats, excellent work!

DAMM, SHIT MO#!%’#~ FU#+’$§


Sorry for he above, but i´m so exited.

Please give us your config!!!

It just breaks my jaw. You rock!

You can download a tarball now:

thanks chojin, very appreciated!! :smiley:

imagines a dark background and GTK theme

It’s a dark theme, it’s a dark theme! :thumbsup:

great. my congratulations

I updated the configuration file and it now has some features like roundedcorners, for which you’ll need some of the patches frogb provides. .oO( Cheers to him! ), added a news-menu (fvwm-menu-headlines) and menutitles.
Oh, and I almost forgot… it’s now for 4 resolutions. :smiley:

I will do a matching gtktheme, whenever I’m in mood to do so.

Wow! Its really nice!

wow. This is amazing. I think i found the icon set I have been looking for. Thanks alot!

edit: I think i found the config im going to use! :]

i saw it on and i’ve been trying to find out who made it since :smiley:

now i know

thx, great config

Because of the redesign and finishing of my website I’ll remove the tar.gz. However, you can still download it from my deviantart-page: