Configs to forum

I’ve seen some people made very nice configs but they lack the possibility to host their configuration files. I was wondering if it would be a silly idea if the actual configs could be posted since they are only text?
Ofcourse, this still leaves the icons and such out, but atleast one can see the code in the same place, regardless of domains dropping off the net etc. Although there’s always the attachment mod for phpbb, but maybe that is a bit of overkill?

A nice idea, although given the lage number of posts we get to that specific section of the forum, I would consider it not a good idea. Unfortunately, the Internet is a changeable place — websites appear and reappear. There is, of course, the possibility of people hosting their files on — my local LUG does this for video talks.

– Thomas Adam

I have limited storage with my hosting, and I have no idea how big things would eventually get so I’d rather not start something I can give no guarantees about how long I can keep it up…

But it would indeed be a nice thing to have as ideed, a lot of configs go down pretty quickly. Maybe one day, when I can afford a dedicated box…

/me wanders off dreaming :wink:

Any possibility for donations?