Configuration files

I know that that FVWM will read a variety of config files in the .fvwm directory, but I was wondering which one is the recommended one? .fvwm2rc? .config? Or does it not matter?

the .fvwm2rc is the config file. People call it ‘config’ coz its easier to say and write. Maybe there’s something beyond that to the etmology of it, but dont bother, the file that fvwm will read when it starts is ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc.

That is the file you edit to have all the stuff you saw on the screenies :wink:

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Well, starting from some 2.5 release ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc has been deprecated in favour of ~/.fvwm/config because it’s more logical, the old location stays supported though. But the latter is probably the one you want to use.

The reason I was asking was because since they did deprecate .fvwm2rc, a config file might set up a file scheme for the 3.x series. Thanks for the reply.

Eh? What about FVWM3? $HOME/fvwm/config is the file to use – I still use $HOME/.fvwm2rc for all sorts of reasons I won’t bore you with. But then if you look at the INVOCATION section of ‘man fvwm’ – you’ll see the order of precedence that FVWM will use when searching for files. This is not negating the explicit use of the ‘-f’ flag, of course.

– Thomas Adam

oh, sry for the missinfo…i got used to the .fvwm2rc…didnt realize config was used too.

No I didn’t mean to spread fud about future FVWM features. I was just inferring that if maybe they decided to use config, developers might start to break up the configuration of FVWM to set files. Lets say a menu file for the menu invocated by Read menufile. I know a lot of people break down their configs to help maintain their themes, but I was just saying that maybe on the next release they might release a certain scheme for themes. You never know…just speculation here. But yea just use config now…hahaha

This won’t happen – the choice is down to the user as to whether they want a so-called ‘modular’ configuration or not. It already exists, anyhow.

– Thomas Adam

Just a little note i noticed (not important enough to start a new thread) but when you use .fvwm/config in stead of .fvwm/.fvwm2rc vim will not enable fvwm2rc syntax coloring by default, you will have to enable it manually.

This is something I fixed in my own fvwm vim syntax file, but it seems like the current maintainer for it in the main Vim release has yet to catch up.

– Thomas Adam

here’s the diff of filetypes.vim for anyone interested

< au BufNewFile,BufRead *fvwm2rc*
> au BufNewFile,BufRead *fvwm2rc*,config


ThomasAdam, I just noticed that last night! haha thanks for the fix…dizz

A note on the config filetype problem:
I just symlinked config to config.fvwm2rc, reason is one of my menu functions uses find to find all .fvwm2rc files in my directory to create a menu for them :slight_smile: