Configuring a foreign keyboard

I am using FVWM for some time, but so far, due to TeX and babel I never needed a possibility of typing directly in Polish.
What I need now is a keyboard configuration making it possible to generate the characters with Polish diacritic marks, and an
xterm window to display the text. I managed to achieve this in KDE, but it is much too user friendly to stand it (especially for
real work), and I prefer FVWM. However, FVWM somehow translates the keyboard events (perhaps in order to process requests
of switching virtual screens using Alt-arrow), and programs do not receive key codes above 127 with the Keypress events
(I wrote a short X application to verify that). How can I configure FVWM to use the Polish keyboard map?

Are you switching keyboard mappings whilst FVWM is running, by any chance? What’s configured in your xorg.conf file, and how do you start FVWM? Do you have any calls to xmodmap, for instance in your StartFunction?

FVWM won’t remap keys once it’s running.

– Thomas Adam

The reason of the trouble is connected with the UTF-8 encoding, using two-byte codes for non-ASCII characters.
This is why the X application does not get the right codes. To add to the confusion, if xterm is invoked without
any parameters, it deals with UTF-8 o.k., however, executing xterm -fn 6x13 (which sets the same font size)
removes this ability. So, sorry for the false alarm, it was, after all, not related with FVWM.
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