configuring IconBox

I can’t figure out how to get my iconbox properly configured. No one seems to use the options as laid out in the man page so I am a bit stumped. I want to get the vertical padding a bit larger and, at the moment, the first icon is indented from the screen edge a little, as I would prefer, but then the next icons are not…


Here is my IconBox Style code:

Style * IconBox screen w 20 20 5 5, IconGrid 3 3, IconFill left top Style * Padding 170 20

It’s largely poached from elsewhere but as I said the man page doesn’t even look relevant!

Interesting. I didn’t think making up Style line options would help, either
(hint: there is no ‘padding’ option.) What you want to do is play about
with the IconGrid command, to make the gap more granular. If you find that
icons are not placed where they should be, try:

All (CurrentPage, Iconic) PlaceAgain Icon Anim

Add that to a function that gets called on Iconify – or some such.

– Thomas Adam

You know, Thomas, I often find your sarcastic tone pretty unfair. You’ve highlighted my obvious mistakes while failing to acknowledge that the man pages for FvwmIconBox are either outdated or…well, I dunno what. There is a padding command listed in the man page and some other dude also used it in Style - so do forgive me if I’m not up to speed on who says accurate things and who says inaccurate things, and which man pages you can trust and which man pages you can’t.

Thank you for the suggestions - where can I read more about IconGrid?

Yeah? I’m sorry to hear that. I must have missed a smiley out somewhere. :slight_smile:

Ah, now then. FvwmIconBox is not the same as the Style IconBox. So that’s
where you’re getting confused. The module FvwmIconBox is an icon manager,
whereas the IconBox (as described in ‘man fvwm’) tells FVWM where to place
icons, and how to group them. In the examples you provided in your last
post, you’re not using FvwmIconBox – and indeed, it’s not suited to your
purpose, IMO.

In ‘man fvwm’ – or if you have a specific question about it, just ask.

– Thomas Adam