Confused by root window context

I am reading Fvwm man page and am very confused by the descritpion of the Any conditional command (as well than by the descritpion of other command used in the same context).

I am debuging the window-remember-focus functions into fvwm-crystal. They are function called when a new window is created, the focus is changed or a window is destroyed.

In the descrition of Any and other command as well, I can read :

I don’t understand what that mean because for me, the result of the 2 following calls (into a function called by fvwm-event) must be the same :

+ I All (QuakeConsoleNeedsUniqueName, Visible) Break
+ I Any (QuakeConsoleNeedsUniqueName, Visible) Break

Into the All description, I can read :

For Any :

The QuakeConsoleNeedsUniqueName is a sticky window. I want the function to exit if it exist and is visible.

Yes – it just means it doesn’t assume any current window context, but for commands such as Any, needs to work on windows other across the entire set. That’s all.

– Thomas Adam

OK, but I still doesn’t understand the difference of context between All and Any. It is specified that Any is run in the context of the root window, when it is not specified for All.

Edit : Anyway, the problem was not here 8)