Conky a torsmo alternative

I went searching for info for Torsmo the other day on the Gentoo forums and came across a torsmo look alike/replacement application called Conky

It is a fork of Torsmo so the transition should be painless for anyone who wants to try it. I mention it because it is slightly different from Torsmo in that it has some extra built in stuff that the torsmo doesn’t have…for instance, I am a huge MPD fan and it has stuff for mpd information display built in. No more {exec whatever you want here}

I think the purpose is to pick up where Torsmo left off and to add some other popular functionality to it

Just wanted to pass it along in case anyone missed it.

It’s not so much extra stuff torsmo doesn’t have as stuff torsmo had in cvs but never got around to releasing. Anyone know what happened to it/the original devs?

And what the hell ‘conky’ means? :slight_smile:

conky 1.3.0 is out, as of yesterday! i am a conky dev… check it out! it’s torsmo, except alot more kick-ass :slight_smile: and if you have 1.2, definitely upgrade. now there’s a debian package too, built by yours truly :slight_smile:

site, screenshots, docs:
downloads: … _id=143975
bug reports/feature requests:

need help? post here or join us at #conky on irc.


Excellent dev team, very receptive, they do requests too - well, they did, they might not now :slight_smile:

thanks for the compliment. we work hard and want to make conky good for the users. hell, it’d be no fun if only the six of us could use it :slight_smile:

I love conky, but would sure like to see a “good” weather script be inserted back into it. I started using it right after the previous weather sections were removed.

Any idea on when that might happen? Thanks! :slight_smile: