correct keys to press to use key bindings


I have bound F12 with the command to cycle through the Active Virtual Desktops… I think. But when I try to cycle, nothing happens…

So, I have 2 questions:

1 - Is my sytax for the key binding wrong?

Key F12     A 	4	Next [*] Focus

2- To execute this code, I thought all I had to do was press F12… is there something more that must be done? like a combination of keys? e.g., CTRL+F12?

thanks in advance,

Almost. Have a look at “GotoPage” and/or “GotoDesk” in “man fvwm”:

Well, in the above, you have it that you need to press whatever modifier key 4 is assigned to. You can find this out, by typically typing in the command:

xmodmap -pm

But to describe in more detail, the “Key” command in FVWM has the following structure:

Key  <key_on_keyboard> <Context>  <Modifier>  <Command>

The “Context” refers to whether the key is to react in the window (W), the sides (“S”), the frame (“F”) of the window, the root window (“R”), the titlebar (“T”), or anywhere (“A”).

The “modifier” means that the key will only work when it is used in combination with that modifier. Now, most Xservers have default, built-in modifiers, if you like that are given names: Control (“C”), Shift ("S), Meta (“M”), or any modifier (“A”).

Any modifier you yourself define, by way of xmodmap is entirely you’re choice. So in the case as you have it there, the commands in F12 will only work when you press it with whatever modifier 4 is.


– Thomas Adam