Creating Wrapper Scripts

oh, and another thing: the people over at xorg told me just to “make a wrapper script,” but that seems not to have helped.

but then, i’m not sure i did it right, so if someone here could tell me how exactly to do that (if that is a good workaround), i’d appreciate it.



A wrapper script would be some kind of script to launch the program you have trouble with, like (for openoffice for example):

#!/bin/sh ooffice

huh… so, i made a script, called “ooffice-wrapper,” containing exactly to two lines you gave me, and put it as an executible in /usr/local/bin/. when i type ‘ooffice-wrapper’ from the console, openoffice starts up fine. but, when i type “Exec exec ooffice-wrapper” in the “talk to fvwm” dialog, i get nothing. same goes for “exec ooffice-wrapper.” nothing happens, and i get no message back.

am i doing something wrong here?



You have to "chmod +x " first, otherwise it won’t be recognized as an executable script. I should have mentioned that straight away… My bad…

no, i know that. i did make it executible. that’s that part where i said “put it as an executible in /usr/local/bin.” an i can execute the script, but only from the console, and not from Fvwm’s dialogs.

that’s why this doesn’t make sense to me…

Nor does it make any sense to me. I placed that script into /usr/local/bin, invoked FvwmForm FvwmForm-Talk (which is what you used), typed: “Exec foo” and it loaded open office…

If fvwm logs to ~/.xsession-errors, you might want to see if it put anything there.

– Thomas Adam

this is what i have in .xsession-errors when i grep ooffice-wrapper:

/usr/local/bin/ooffice-wrapper: line 2: 10185 Segmentation fault ooffice /usr/local/bin/ooffice-wrapper: line 2: 10793 Segmentation fault ooffice /usr/local/bin/ooffice-wrapper: line 2: 10834 Segmentation fault ooffice /usr/local/bin/ooffice-wrapper: line 2: 11254 Segmentation fault ooffice

line two is where it executes /usr/bin/ooffice. i even specified the path, and it still segfaults.

on a side note, doing the same thing with gmplayer (using XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 /usr/bin/gmplayer as the second line) seems to work fine.

this is so weird…


Seems like an OO.o issue more so than fvwm. Fvwm does nothing special when it encounters that wrapper script. Indeed, it is the function of the underlying shell at that point.

I suggest you run strace from within that wrapper script to determine where OO is failing, and hence why. It’s no longer an fvwm issue.

– Thomas Adam