Cross compiling FVWM for Powerpc ???

Hi Guys

Please Help me to cross compile FVWM for powerpc…

what option i have to give in ./configure

Ugh. I really wouldn’t recommend this. Compile it natively.

– Thomas Adam

Hi Thomas
Let me Explain to you more clearly

I have an x86 machine in which fedora linux running in it. Powerpc cross compiler is installed in it
I have an embedded board with powerpc processor and a PMC based graphics card.
Now i have to cross compile FVWM in intel machine for that embedded board with powerpc.

How to specify in configure for powerpc cross compiling ?
Suggest me how to do it ?


I’m really, really no expert on this subject, but isn’t it something like
./configure CFLAGS="-arch ppc" LDFLAGS="-arch ppc"