Crystal config

Hi all,

After some time with FVWM-Crystal, it is time to make my configuration public.

It include a new recipe: Thin Audio and a new audioplayer control for Alsaplayer with an improved audio button and a mixed fixed-dynamic speed control. And many new applications for the menu.

I also done a gentoo ebuild to install the whole thing and stoled another one to install fvwm from cvs with some patches (I like round corners). I just changed this ebuild to use a fast date and be sure at the patches will applies.

You can find it here: Crystal Audio and a big screenshot.

I hosted it on because Crystal’s modular configuration permit to change the configuration on the fly by changing the recipe. If other peoples want to share their crystal recipes, menu entries, icons or whatever, they are welcome to do so. Just send me a mail.

So this is yet another disparate project? Aside from the cool control factor, is there any reason why you haven’t just packaged up this recipe and submitted it to the FVWM-Cystal mailing list?

Granted, it would need a bit of cleanup work, but it’s probably a much better idea in the long-run.

– Thomas Adam