CursorStyle basics

Hi all:

I want to have a different cursor (one of my own design, or one pulled off of the web) as the default cursor for all windows (well, except when I am in Mozilla, I want the default).

After looking through the man pages, and searching for discussions on the forum about cursor settings, I have a few questions:

  1. Is the CursorStyle DEFAULT (pix name) the setting for the default cursor? Or is the the default posistion? the man page says:

so I am unsure. I just want to change the image for my cursor.

  1. Do I need to put my new image for my cursor somewhere specific? i assume it needs to go in .fvwm/Icons (or something like that, but I am unsure).

  2. Can I change the mouse pic on the fly? E.g., using FVWMEvent, and check against the name of the window that has been entered into, and if the name of the window is Mozilla or something, is it possible to say, “Aha! We are in Mozilla, change the image for the cursor?”

I would have tried number 3 myself, but since I am unsure how to even change the image for my cursor, I can’t get there yet.

As alway, thanks in advance.

The gnome-mouse-properties dialogue window (which is the application name as well) allows for this for all applications – i.e. there is a different cursor for applications, except the root menu,

Some applications (GTK ones for instance) do allow their own cursor – think about editing software for instance,

It will need to be in a place X can find it (and there is a standard location for it — look at where the other cursor themes go). Note that this operation is part of the XServer.

No, since the flow of information is backwards in this case. Whilst you can easily detect the window with the pointer in it (either explicitly with PointerWindow or implicitly with ThisWindow (HasPointer) - you would still need to update the XServer with this information — but then how would you be able to? A mouse gesture (other than generating sundry events such as enterNotify and LeaveNotify,) is not something that is monitored by FVWM.


– Thomas Adam

Thomas –

So, let me see if I have this right.

  1. So, technically, it ‘is’ possible to have a different pointer per application? From your response, it seems that this cursor changing/controlling needs to be done/controlled by the applications, not by FVWM? Is that correct? It isn’t possible to say something like:

+ I ThisWindow (Mozilla) Function ChangeMyCursor and then change the cursor (somehow) in that function?

  1. is it possible to have some kind of mechanism that says “if the pointer hasn’t been moved in 4000 ms, make the pointer disappear” so that it doesn’t take up any room on the monitor?

Thanks in advance.

  • Skender

Look at the program called ‘unclutter’. It’s available in almost all distributions I have used.

– Thomas Adam

thanks Thomas. I’ll look into the unclutter program.

  • Skender