CursorStyle Context

I am setting up my mouse cursors. I would like to change the mouse cursor that exists when the mouse is inside a program like firefox or gvim. I have looked in the manpages at all of the contexts but can’t find one that looks like it is what I want. I figured it was default or root, but I have both of those changed and the cursor is still the default black one.

I don’t think you can change the mouse cursor on a program-by-program basis… At least there’s nothing in the manpages that suggests that you can do this…

Why would the programs change the cursor style? Shouldn’t the default cursor be used? In Windows, firefox doesn’t overwrite the cursor with its own style.

Oh, you mean that Gtk2 applications seem to change the mouse cursor? There’s some gnome option to set the mouse cursors, but that only works within Gtk2 applications… So you might want to look into that :slight_smile:


whats a gtk2 application? If I am using fvwm, then I can’t use gnome can I?

If you have the Gnome libs installed you can use GTK or GTK2 applications.

I use nautilus (gnome file manager) in FVWM as well as Gftp,Gaim etc.

In fact you can use KDE apps as well if you have the QT libs installed


Which is handy, as Kmines is the best Minesweeper clone I’ve come across so far :slight_smile:

I’ve changed my cursor in the past, but I can’t remember how I did it. I’ll check my fvwmrc files when I get home. . .