Cyb': a Neon-Cyberpunk config (first try for me)

Hi all!
this is my first config and it tries to unite both good-looking and handiness.

main features:

  • config files follow the wiki standard
  • use of variables for basic apps (editor, browser, filer, etc…)
  • dockbar with clock, pager, cpu temperature, wlan management (networkmanager), powermanagement (kpowersave)
  • window decoration with many buttons, each of them as different behaviours depending on the mouse button
  • preview of thumbnailed windows
  • a bit of transparency all around (x composition)
  • quake-like console
  • conky system monitor
  • much use of mouse gestures

Screens and download are available from here][/url]

If you have any question, just ask!

I hope you’ll enjoy this config.

do you realize expose-like-function with skippy?
you can make it easy with a fvwm function :smiley:

ops… i didn’t know… i’ll investigate this, thanks!

I’ve made some adjustments and added some new entry… :slight_smile: