Dam's config


Here’s my config.

You can download all the file here


Very colourful. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam


I fact, my goal is to create a convenient desktop. I use a tasbar because I think it’s really usefull especially when there are a lot of windows.

I tried to create a dynamiic desk menu. Only the current desk is visible but I use 3 desk. You can see the name of the current desk in the taskbar. When you change desk the name change, when you restart the module or fvwm too.
Maybe we can do that of better way. I use FvwmEvent.

How change the title of a button (FvwmButton) by using fvwm variable:
eg: $[deskname.$[desk.n]]

Sorry for my poor english.

You can’t easily nest variables in this way – as the interpolation isn’t handled by FVWM – you can use piperead, however. As for changing a button’s title on the fly — I’ve explained how before on these forums. Search the forums for “changebutton”. Admittedly, it was in relation to changing the button’s icon, but the principle is the same.

– Thomas Adam

After a long time, here is my new config.

You can download my config here

-dynamical menu
-a hidden pager (put in a subpanel)
-no transparence (useless)
-ALT-TAB to switch windows
-no desk, only pages (as a stack)
-a bottom panel with useful information (mail, clock)
-a top panel with an icon manager

I use the mousewheel to navigate between pages. I can chose quickly the program I want by using a windowlistmenu.

My config

There is no more titlebar (cf aelsi)
Instead I use an icon manager with buttons (close, iconify, maximize)

Nice config, I also use a config without titlebars. I however, use SloppyFocus, that is why having buttons on a bar to maximize, minimize, or close, is not too convenient for me.

What I do is to define some mouse bindings using the top corners.

# Titleless stuff
Mouse 1 ^ A user_Maximize 100 100
Mouse 2 ^ A user_Maximize 100   0
Mouse 3 ^ A user_Maximize   0 100
Mouse 4 ^ A user_Maximize 100 100
Mouse 5 ^ A user_Minimize
Mouse 1 < A Close
Mouse 2 < A Destroy
Mouse   4       S   N   user_WindowShade N
Mouse   5       S   N   user_WindowShade S
# Second mouse wheel, on the top border, it resizes the window
Silent Mouse 6  S   N   Resize br w-10 w-10
Silent Mouse 7  S   N   Resize br w+10 w+10
# I also like these ones, having 9 mouse buttons is convenient :P
Silent Mouse 8  W   N   user_Move
Silent Mouse 9  W   N   user_Resize

That way I can move a window just pressing anywhere the 9th mouse button over the window, and resize it with button number eight.

I like your config :slight_smile:


I’m using fvwm for a long time and now I get what I want: a convenient desktop with no candies things.

Check this out - Sloppy focus with delay:


Basically, you need:

Module FvwmAuto 1000 -passid -menter enf

DestroyFunc enf
AddToFunc enf I WindowId $0 (AcceptsFocus, !Raised) Raise
+ I WindowId $0 (AcceptsFocus, !Focused) Focus

Yes, I know about that trick, it is basically the same that some people use to make a kuake alike or autohiding panels. But I like sloppyfocus as it is. And I don’t use that kind of panels either cause of a similar issue: I like to traverse across my window borders to the next desktop with no delay at all.