Dealing with button2 (middle) in fvwm2 & 3

Install Gentoo on a new notebook, Lenovo X13 AMD. Other applications are having no problems dealing with the center button (e.g., cut+paste in an xterm). With both versions of FVWM, however I’m unable to use the middle mouse button because the press event doesn’t seem to b ue delivered until the release event. Example would be trying to move a window between desktops in the pager: pressing the mouse button causes the pager to freeze until I release the button.

I don’t see this problem with fluxbox or xfce4.

The ~/.fvwm/config was taken as-is from an fvwm 2.7 on another Gentoo system I have running on an Lenovo x270 that doesn’t have this problem at all. I’m also noticing that the click-to-focus has gone away and I cannot use a two-finger-drag gesture to scroll.

Q: Where is a list of deprecated config options in fvwm3?
Q: Is there any config option that anyone can think which would cause my middle-button issues?

If I can’t reslve this quickly I’ll have to give up on fvwm, which would be annoying after 20 years but not having a working desktop manager is killing me.


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It works fine on my machine by pressing the mouse wheel button on a window, holding and dragging to another pager area.

Are both machines running the same version of fvwm?

There is not a list per-se of deprecated commands for fvwm3 to my knowledge. You could check the changelog or the commits in gibhub for any breaking changes. The more resent changes I can think of at the moment are for MenuStyle where options like Foreground, Background, Greyed, and MenuFace where removed in favor of Colorsets, Label option for FvwmPager… Also the removal of some unmaintained modules like FvwmM4, FvwmThemes, FvwmBanner, and FvwmCpp.

Assuming you are using the same versions of fvwm in both machines and are configured exactly the same way… no it should not have anything to do with your config in my opinion.

You could, however, open an issue in github detailing the issue moving windows between desktops via the pager. Also a copy of the config you are using could be of help. I’m sure Thomas will take a look.