Decor question

I am attempting my first custom decor. This is what I have so far. It doesn’t work so maybe some experts can chime in with some hints?

[code]DestroyDecor Default
AddToDecor Default

SetEnv XPMPath $[HOME]/decor

  • ButtonStyle 1 ActiveUp AdjustedPixmap $[XPMPath]/close-activeup.xpm

  • ButtonStyle 1 ActiveDown AdjustedPixmap $[XPMPath]/close-activedown.xpm

  • ButtonStyle 1 AllInactive AdjustedPixmap $[XPMPath]/close-inactive.xpm

  • ButtonStyle 4 AllActiveUp AdjustedPixmap $[XPMPath]/maximize-activeup.xpm

  • ButtonStyle 4 AllActiveDown AdjustedPixmap $[XPMPath]/maximize-activedown.xpm

  • ButtonStyle 4 AllInactive AdjustedPixmap $[XPMPath]/maximize-inactive.xpm

What doesn’t work? Only a code snippet isn’t enough to give some hints I’m afraid.

– Thomas –

That’s all I have so I guess since it looks like a “code snippet” I need more.

Okay, I did more work. Now I’m just trying to get the decor to appear (I’ll work on keybindings later). This is what I have:

[code]DestroyDecor MyDecor
AddToDecor MyDecor

SetEnv XPMPath $[HOME]/decor

  • TitleStyle LeftJustified Height 24

  • ButtonStyle 1
    ActiveUp (Pixmap $[XPMPATH]/close-activeup.xpm – Flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap $[XPMPath]/close-activedown.xpm --Flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap $[XPMPath]/close-inactive.xpm --Flat)

  • ButtonStyle 4
    ActiveUp (Pixmap $[XPMPath]/maximize-activeup.xpm – Flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap $[XPMPath]/maximize-activedown.xpm – Flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap $[XPMPath]/maximize-inactive.xpm – Flat)

Window Styles

Style “" UseDecor MyDecor
Style "
” Font “xft:Sans:Bold:size=8:minspace=False:antialias=True”

Have a look at window Decor of Jamois’ FVWM Beginners Guide. You’re on a good way. 8)
You could also look e.g. into the Ambience Decor in Fvwm-Nightshade or Clearlooks Decor of Fvwm-Crystal to get an overview how they realize window decorations.

– Thomas –