Decoration question and pager question

If you look at my screen shot you will notice that my decoractions all have boxes around them as well as my pager in the lower right corner. Any suggestions. This exact config worked a few weeks ago and then I started playing with flux a little more and then I ran into a problem that I couldn’t solve with flux, but could with fvwm.

Dit you use “-- flat” (mind the space between – and “flat”) on all of your decorations? Like this:

+ ButtonStyle 2 \ ActiveUp (Pixmap darkx/button-close-focused.png -- flat) \ ActiveDown (Pixmap darkx/button-close-pressed.png -- flat) \ Inactive (Pixmap darkx/button-close-unfocused.png -- flat)

Here is my actual code from that section[code]DestroyFunc FuncFvwmDecorBackground
AddToFunc FuncFvwmDecorBackground

  • I TitleStyle AllActive TiledPixmap decoration/siro/title.xpm

  • I TitleStyle AllInactive TiledPixmap decoration/siro/title.xpm

  • I ButtonStyle All Simple – UseTitleStyle

  • I FuncFvwmDecorBackground
    AddButtonStyle 1
    ActiveUp (Pixmap decoration/siro/stick.xpm – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap decoration/siro/stick.xpm – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap decoration/siro/stick.xpm – flat)
    AddButtonStyle 6
    ActiveUp (Pixmap decoration/siro/icon.xpm – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap decoration/siro/icon.xpm – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap decoration/siro/icon.xpm – flat)
    AddButtonStyle 4
    ActiveUp (Pixmap decoration/siro/max.xpm – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap decoration/siro/max.xpm – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap decoration/siro/max.xpm – flat)
    AddButtonStyle 2
    ActiveUp (Pixmap decoration/siro/close.xpm – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap decoration/siro/close.xpm – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap decoration/siro/close.xpm – flat)