decoration style setting

I set up my fvwm most following the “unofficial tutorial”, which included the following line:

style Fvwm* !title, !border, ...

This is to make sure that taskbar, pager, winlist and such do not have title and border. Makes sense.

But it’s too broad. Any Window with the name Fvwm* would suffer the same decoration, including a Firefox windows that’s reading a Fvwm man page online with the title “Fvwm manual…”. Is there a better way to specify the style so that other program other than Fvwm Modules would not be effected?

The order of your Style lines matters.

Style Fvwm* !Title, !Borders
# Assumes the window Class for Firefox
Style Firefox-Bin Title, Borders
Style "Fvwm *" Title, Borders

Anything else, and you’d simply have to list the individual cases explicitly, or simply not be so generic with “Fvwm*” as a style match in the first place.

– Thomas Adam

I see. I was hopping there’d be some way to distinguish fvwmModules from everything else. I segregated my config files into bunch of Fvwm* files and when I use gvim to edit them, it also does not get decorated when I restart fvwm—which I am doing a lot since I am playing with configurations :slight_smile:.

I just don’t want to specify style for every potential applications that might match Fvwm in their title for whatever reason. It is not really a big issue unless somehow I have to restart fvwm a lot or something.


Thomas Adam already told you how to do that. Be more concrete when specifying styles in first place. It’s not like there are 500 fvwm modules, at most you’ll be using 3 or 4 of them, I don’t think it’s that hard to write four extra lines for them in the config files, considering that you’ve probably written many dozens or even hundreds of config lines…

And that’s why 3 or 4 style lines for 3 or 4 modules are a simpler thing to do.