Default config manpages - missing top section

When playing with the default config file, I noticed you have an entry for viewing man pages.

It lists the following in the top of the menu:

These options don’t work. Should they work? All other man pages in the sub menu work fine. Where might I find these pages?

What version of fvwm are you running and where did you install it from?

Anyways, try running man fvwm3 and man fvwm3all from a terminal, do you see any errors?

Now that I see your other post, I think the issue is you aren’t installing the manual pages on your system, and so man foo fails. The default-config is written expecting manual pages to be in normal locations, you’ll have to write a special wrapper to open the manual pages for your specific setup. Look at the ViewManPage function, that could be modified to open up the manual pages in your nonstandard prefix.

I guess that’s the case? I guess I’ll have to wait for them to magically appear online.

Although, all the other man pages in the menu work, without extra effort.

If you have fvwm version 2 installed from your OS (or on your system), you’ll have access to those man pages, but you could view the manpages if you generated them in your build. You just need edit the configuration and point them to the location you installed the manpage, since they aren’t registered with the system. Though if you built the html pages, just go to (this depends on your install location) $FVWM_DATADIR/htmldoc, and open them up with a browser.