Desktop switching when (and ONLY when) moving windows

I would like to activate switching desktops with moving the mouse over the edge of the current desktop, but only when the Mouse is currently moving a window.

I Figured out how to turn it on, but not off again when i release the mouse button

Here are the relevant parts of my config[code]EdgeThickness 0

DestroyFunc FensterBewegen
AddToFunc FensterBewegen

  • I Raise
  • I Focus
  • I EdgeThickness 1
  • M Move

    Mouse 1 T HM FensterBewegen
    Mouse 1 W HM FensterBewegen[/code]
    My question is, how can I tell fvwm to switch back to EdgeThickness 0 when I release button 1?

You want ‘‘EdgeResistance’’.

EdgeResistance 500 1 EdgeScroll 0 0

Forget this “Mouse Button 1” crap. It’s a waste of your time, in lieu of the above.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks, works great (though I reduced the resistance from 500 to 1 :wink: )