DesktopName 0

I upgraded to version 1.1.0. Cannot access Desk 0 in my pager with 4 desks. Left-click mouse courser does not work on desk 0 but does on 1, 2 and 3.

## Desk names:
DesktopName 0 Web
DesktopName 1 Email
DesktopName 2 Work
DesktopName 3 Misc

GoToDesk 0 0 still work.

I posted a bug issue on GitHub.

Should be fixed via: FvwmPager: honour screen focus rules by ThomasAdam · Pull Request #958 · fvwmorg/fvwm3 · GitHub

v.1.1.0 is a problem for scripts with FvwmPager. The mini window does not appear without Schedule 1000 or more. Something makes it slow.

For example RightPager , the frame appears but not mini window.


Actual screenshot:

EDIT: @rasat for v1.1.0 testing, run RightPager in FvwmConsole.

Read $[CORE_DIR]/7Modules/RightPager/rightPg.sys
If mini window does not appear, run FvwmPager
Module FvwmPager


Add this at the end of rightPg.sys

Schedule 1000 Module FvwmPager

Thanks @Mjaakko. I noticed that pager scripts are not appearing and thought there were bugs in Kise. This describes another issue in 1.1.0. I will add a new bug report.

Desk 0 mouse left-click is not yet completely solved. Works with right-click.

REMARK: This issue is for v.1.1.0 github ta/gh-957, not main branch. In main FvwmPager is ok but not Desk 0.