Desktops question


I’m brand-spanking new to fvwm, and I’ve been working my way through a basic guide. I’ve got a simple setup up and running, and now I’m trying to tweak it. Needless to say, I have a MILLION questions, but I’ll try to keep from overwhelming a single thread.

First, virtual desktops. I only want ONE virtual desktop, with six pages. I can find nothing anywhere that sets how many desktops you have. For some reason, I have three, with six pages each. Now, I fixed the pager to only display the one, and set fonts to “none,” so there’s no annoying label on top of it, but if I right-click on the pager and drag back and forth, switching desktops, I find some “junk” appears in the part of the pager where the other desktops would have been displayed (basically, bits of windows in my page get copied over, as the windows in each page scroll by). I would really like to just eliminate those other desktops altogether, instead of finding increasingly creative ways to hide them. How can I do this?

Okay, just one other question (for now :smiley: ): I’m using Jaimos F. Skriletz’ most excellent FVWM Beginner’s Guide, but there’s something he has in there that’s baffling me. Under “Global Settings” he talks about environment variables, and includes this line in his fvwmrc file:

SetEnv fvwm_icon $[FVWM_USERDIR]/icons

He says that doing this allows you to use fvwm_icon as a “shorthand” elsewhere in the config file. Thing is, when he gets to menus, he has this line:

+ "Console%menu/terminal.png%"  FvwmATerm

Now, supposedly, the “menu/terminal.png” part tells fvwm where to find the icon for this menu item, but why doesn’t this use fvwm_icon? Am I not understanding the concept of environment variables?

Try as I might, I can’t get it to work the way he has it. All I can do is type the WHOLE PATHNAME to the icon. Then it works, but there’s got to be a simpler method. What am I doing wrong?

Related to that, I can see myself getting lost in different icon sets. Right now, I have a subdirectory inside .fvwm for icons, but I put the Faenza set in there, which as anyone who uses it knows, has a pretty complex “tree” of menus, and that’s just ONE icon set! How do you manage different sets of icons?

Whew! Sorry if this is long, and sorry if I sound like a super-noob. I’ve learned a ton already, thanks mostly to the guide, but there is SO much I don’t get yet!

It’s a crap example. You want to just set paths for icons in the “ImagePath” directive. Go read about it. Furthermore, on the subject of SetEnv, I’ve just added a new command to FVWM 2.6.4 called “InfoStore” which should stop this stupid use of SetEnv.

Again, “ImagePath”, and “icon set” is misleading – you simply tell FVWM which icons to use and when.

– Thomas Adam

Ok, I’ve read the man page on ImagePath, and I think I have it set up in my config file correctly. What is the syntax for calling upon it later? Is there one, or do I just tell fvwm to use filename.jpg and it will automatically look?

Also, any idea how to eliminate those extranneous desktops?

Fvwm will know where to look. Note though that jpg files are not natively handled by fvwm so you’ll need to convert them to png for instance.