Did wallpaper script change in 1.0.5?

When selecting a wallpaper it creates the link file .BGdefault. To execute it at the login, this script did it earlier. Not in 1.0.5, did it change?

Exec exec fvwm-root $[HOME]/.BGdefault

I’ve no idea what you’re on about.

The variable has changed to fvwm3-root. And [HOME] doesn’t work at the login but later in the process. This string works fine.
Exec exec fvwm3-root $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.BGdefault

I also tested the default config’s wallpaper function. Login works fine but the restart changes it back to the default “Floral” (bg1.png) wallpaper.

By any change are you using Debian or a any other distro that borrows packages from Debian?. If so this is the reason why fvwm-root is renamed as fvwm3-root.
The current maintainer of fvwm3 in Debian in order to make sure that fvwm2 and 3 could co-exists wrote a script that renames some binaries like fvwm-root.

@rasat It would help if you could clarify your issues a bit, and not be so cryptic. But I think we have deciphered two issues.

  1. If you are using the Debian package, I have renamed all the binaries (read /usr/share/doc/fvwm3/NEWS.Debian.gz) to make the package coexist with fvwm. The default-config has been patched in Debian to work with this just fine, so the issue is you aren’t using the default-config, you are using a local copy of the configuration. If you want to mostly use the default-config with local changes, you should use $HOME/.fvwm/local.config to put your changes. This way you are using the actual default-config shipped with fvwm3 (and any changes made to it), with only overriding the pieces you want to change.

  2. There was a minor bug in the default-config that the logic to set the wallpaper was failing during a reset and reverting to a default-image. I have fixed this issue with a pull-request on github you can test. Since this is just a change to the default-config, you can just update your local copy of it accordingly.

Thanks, that explains it… MX Linux fvwm3 package (test repo) based on Debian sid.

I am using $HOME/.fvwm/local.config but with my own settings. Will do fine by adding pre-fix + I Test to work in both 1.0.4 and .5

Thanks for fixing the default-config.