Different actions of the mouse

I found an interesting site about the different actions of the mouse.

# DestroyFunc FuncName
# AddToFunc   FuncName
# + I (Action to happen immediately)
# + C (Action to happen on a mouse 'click)
# + D (Action to happen on a mouse 'double click')
# + H (Action to happen on a mouse 'hold')
# + M (Action to happen on a mouse 'motion')

Link: FVWM Functions

I made one test FvwmButton with these actions…

+ C Exec exec thunar
+ D Exec exec featherpad
+ H Exec exec xfce4-terminal
+ M Exec exec xfce4-screenshooter

C and D work but H and M do not. Is it to do with mouse timing?


Interesting but seems a misleading description for H and D. The C and D are for the mouse click and action, but H and D to the pointed object. Found this post in 2005

M == Motion, i.e. when something is Moved.
H == Hold, i.e. if a button pressed remains so on the window.
C == A single click.
D == A Double click.

What does letters m h c d mean

I don’t think it is misleading, in this case they are applying the function to a button, but in general a ‘Hold’ means you click a button and hold it for a certain amount of time, while a ‘Motion’ is you click a button, hold it, and move it a minimum distance, so they are similar with the difference being once the mouse is being moved a minimum distance and the other the mouse is just being held. The time and distance moved can be configured as well.

Thanks @somiaj, I got all the letters to work.

I did some checking around and a few tests. D (double click) is a bit unpredictable depending on my clicks with the time setting of DoubleClickTime 400.

H is nice, just press the FvwmButton for a while. C and I don’t seem to differ, easy to work with. But, M must move the button before it does the action. Is there another way to do it without a visible move?

DestroyFunc Mtest
AddToFunc   Mtest
+ M Move
+ M Exec exec xfce4-screenshooter