Different icons for FvwmIconMan and for Traviso's Thumbnails

I have 48x48 icons that i use for mini icons and they look great with Traviso’s thumbnail func. But recently i have discover FvwmIconMan and it uses the same icons but it doesnt scale them down so you only see the top left corner. Is there anyway around this.


If you are talking about MiniIcons which you composite with thumbnails, so there is no way to resolv that. In fact, FvwmIconMan takes the picture you set with MiniIcon command.
You have to resize your miniicons, or tell FvwmIconMan to not use MiniIcon with this command :
*FvwmIconMan: DrawIcons false

In my twm/ctwm experiments, I used IconMan (or equivalents) and, when I tried fvwm, I set up a version assuming I’d use it with fvwm, too, but I’ve recently been playing with the IconBox. It handles 48x48 nicely (though I just use regular icons) and is better than I thought (though still not as flexible as IconMan if it doesn’t just happen to work out).

Sorry if you know all about that and sorry that it doesn’t help with IconMan but I thought I’d mention it just in case.