Different WindowList behaviours

I call up the window list using ‘Super-L + X’ and use the letter/number beside the window I want to navigate. And that’s fine.

But other people use my computer sometimes & keep wanting to use alt-tab, which does bring up the windows list, but they expect a single alt-tab to switch them to the most recent window they were on, rather than leaving them on the current one. Also, when I have lots of windows open, alt-tabbing between the ones desired can be a problem.

Ideally, I’d like to keep the normal window list for my Super-L+X, and have an alt-tab that only displays windows in the current screen & that goes to the previous window instead of the current one one a single alt-tab. Is there a way of doing this?

Do you not just mean something like this (which is described in the manpage anyway):

MenuStyle WindowList SelectOnRelease Meta_L

– Thomas Adam

Not really… Maybe I’m not explaining it very well. Let’s try it like this:

What I have:
“Super_L + x” brings up the windows list, showing every window open on every screen, & keeps it there until Enter, Escape, or a valid number/letter is pressed
“Alt + Tab” brings up the windows list, showing every window open on every screen, selects the current window (0) by default, and only stays present as long as Alt is held down, the release of which moves you to whatever window is highlighted

What I need:
“Super_L + x” to stay exactly the same
“Alt + tab” brings up the windows list, but shows only the windows in the current screen, selects the previous window by default (1) so that a single press of the alt-tab keys takes you to the last window selected instead of leaving you on your current window - the way it does on most other WMs

Hope that makes it a bit clearer what I’m trying to do…


Key Tab A M WindowList (CurrentPage) CurrentAtEnd

– Thomas Adam

That did it! Much obliged