Disable raise function.

I’ve got one annoying problem with behaviour of windows.
When I click a link (for example from liferea or psi, anywhere), than my “deafult” browser get raise. Is it possible to disable it ?

Which browser? It certainly doesn’t happen by default with something like Firefox.

– Thomas Adam

Ok, i’ll try make it more clear. I use Opera, but there is no meter which browser i’m using.

Whatever, for better understanding let’s talk about specific situation. I have made even a screenshot (yes, i’m quite desperate) :slight_smile:
I have one psi chat window open, someone sends me a link, next i click this one, and than the chat window loose automatically raise and focus, and pass it to the browser (Opera).
It would be great if that chat window doesn’t loose raise and focus when i click a link. I guess it’s all about right fvwm config, but i don’t know what should i change. If you want to check, don’t bother :wink:

p.s. my english is not perfect, so if you can’t understand anything, just tell me so :wink:

When you Raise and Focus a window, that state is temporal (it is not like when you use Layer ). When you click a link a new window is created, then only the focus policy and the window manager hints can tell what is going to happen, as far as I know.

If opera can be started with a given resource name (i don’t really remember, but maybe you can do something along the lines “opera --title opera_link”, check its help). Then your could use FvwmEvents to check when a window is mapped like:

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmWinEvents: *
FvwmWinEvents: map parse_win
Module FvwmEvent FvwmWinEvents

DestroyFunc parse_win
AddToFunc parse_win
+ I ThisWindow (opera_link) Lower

Alternatively you could do All (psi) Raise or something like that, I suppose.

Not tested, though, and I don’t know either if opera has such an option either.

Another solution would be to Style psi Layer 5, or something like that. That would make psi to always stay above windows in the default layer.

No, I was wondering if someone was going to mention this – that’s not what’s happening at all.

More likely the application in question is EWMH-aware and as such is triggering one of the inbuilt functions.

Or, one of the focus policies in use which could cause this; seeing the config file in use wouldn’t go amiss.

– Thomas Adam