Disabling IconBox - Keeping Icons

In short: I want to keep all icons, but disable the iconbox. Is this possible at all?

Longer story: I don’t want any icons on my root window. Instead I have set up an IconMan to list all iconified windows. Neither of the following commands

Style * NoIcon Style ** NoIcon
results in the desired behaviour.

I’ve tried to send all iconified windows to an unused desk and give the IconMan a global resolution, but haven’t had any luck in sending the icons to the unused desk.

Since no one replied to this I guess I need to elaborate. A snip from my config:

DestroyFunc toggleiconify-and-raise
AddToFunc   toggleiconify-and-raise
+ I Iconify toggle
+ I Raise
Key Tab   A    C   Next [iconic] Focus
Key Tab   A    CM  toggleiconify-and-raise
Key Tab   A    M   Next [CurrentPage !iconic] Focus
#An IconMan swallowed by a panel at the right side of the screen
DestroyModuleConfig IMSideBar: *
*IMSideBar: ShowOnlyIcons True
*IMSideBar: Colorset 8
*IMSideBar: SelectColorset 9
*IMSideBar: FocusColorset 9
*IMSideBar: Title ""
*IMSideBar: ButtonGeometry 24x24
*IMSideBar: DrawIcons Always
*IMSideBar: ManagerGeometry 1x1
*IMSideBar: ReliefThickness 1
*IMSideBar: Resolution Global
*IMSideBar: Format "%c"
*IMSideBar: Sort id

In short: Ctrl+Tab cycles the iconified windows which are show in the sidebar and on the root window. Ctrl+Meta+Tab deiconifies a selected/focused icon or iconifies the window in focus.

I would like to have the exact same behaviour, but no icons showing on the root window. If I useStyle * NoIcon no icons will not appear on the root window, only in the IconMan. However, it is no longer possible to select iconified windows with Next (iconified) Iconify toggle... Just now I started wondering whethter this is a bug? It seems that a window can only be in the iconified state if it has an icon. I don’t see why a window cannot be iconified and have an empty/no icon. Well, it could be that I’ve missed a window state.

I’ve tried programming the IconMan to solve my problem of the missing window state, but I can’t quite get the last details right:

#Select next iconified window on Ctrl+Tab:
Key Tab   A    C   SendToModule IMSideBar bif select 3, gotobutton 0, select, ret, bif Next 3, gotobutton 0, select, ret, gotobutton Next, select

#Call a function to de/iconify
Key Tab   A    C   iconify-iconman

DestroyFunc iconify-iconman
AddToFunc iconify-iconman
+ I SendToModule IMSideBar bif select 1, ret, sendcommand "Iconify -1", sendcommand Raise, sendcommand Focus

The function “iconify-iconman” only works partially. After deiconifying, the IconMan automatically selects the next (down) icon, unless it was the lowest icon that got deiconified. This leaves me with two things focused: the current window and a window in the IconMan. Is there a way to clear the selection in an IconMan?
The last thing I need is the ability to test whether a window in the IconMan has been selected. Something like:[code]DestroyFunc iconify-iconman
AddToFunc iconify-iconman

  • I SendToModule IMSideBar bif select 1, ret, sendcommand “Iconify -1”, sendcommand Raise, sendcommand Focus
  • I ‘If no window was selected in the iconman, iconfy the current window’[/code]

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I had every intention of replying. I just forgot about it.

Using square braces “[]” for positional command arguments is an old syntax and certainly deprecated. Please use normal parenthesis “()” around the command arguments.


Style * Noicon, CirculateHitIcon
+ I Next (CirculateHitIcon, Iconified) .....

– Thomas Adam

I just tried

Style * Noicon, CirculateHitIcon Key Tab A C Next (CirculateHitIcon, Iconified) Focus(I didn’t know what you meant by + I Next …)

This does select the Iconified windows (or the epmty icons). I can see my pager flipping between the pages where the windows where iconified. Unfortunately no focus is given, not even in the IconManager. My guess is that it’s because the windows don’t have any icons to recieve the focus.