Dizzutch's config progression

So I guess I’ll start my own thread with my config. My use of FVWM is more to add cool things to my config than to really make something pretty, bear with me.

1024x768: http://www.thesloot.com/screenshots/screenshot-20051205.png
config: http://www.thesloot.com/screenshots/fvwm2rc-20051205
thanks to the “Efficient Thumbnailing Thread” guy, and some configs on fvwm.org and the forums!
any comments, suggestions are welcome.
I plan on adding some system monitoring things in the near future.


Wasn’t quite happy with the usability of my previous screenshots, so decided to make a new one for the new year. I also wasn’t too happy with my knowledge of the fvwm config syntax, I knew how to do a bunch of things, but didn’t fuly understand the logic behind functions etc. So i decided to start with the Beginners Guide and go from there.
here’s version 0.1. Still gotta add a background and some tweaks to the IconMan. Guess I’m using this thread more so new FVWM users can get some simple configs to learn from, cuz they’re not that complex…:slight_smile: