Do swallowed apps (FvwmButtons) ignore IgnoreModifiers?

I have some apps swallowed by FvwmButtons and associated with Actions. This works fine unless numlock is enabled. If numlock is enabled, I can still launch the action by clicking on the app’s title but not by clicking the app itself.

I have

IgnoreModifiers L2

and something like (FvwmDock is my FvwmButton Instance):

*FvwmDock:      (1x1, Title="xxx", Action (Mouse 1) 'Exec exec xclock', Swallow "xbiff" 'Exec exec xbiff' ) 

I am under the impression that the swallowed app ignores my IgnoreModifiers settings.

My question: Is this a regular behaviour for fvwm 2.5.12 and therefor a bug in fvwm or FvwmButtons, or does this work different for others and why?

Futher info might be found in this thread, where Thomas helped me to figure this out.


i don’t use xbiff and never have but I think it could be that xbiff captures the keypresses when font lock is enabled and thus doesn’t pass them to Fvwm (guessing here). It does however work just fine with my FvwmScript clock so it’s definitely not a bug in Fvwm.

I have tested this with other apps - and with CapsLock instead of NumLock - always with the same result.

Do you launch your application via “Action” or via “SingleClic” within the FvwmScript?


Using Action of course, otherwise it would be the FvwmScript launching the app, which isn’t what your problem is :slight_smile:

Right, thanks. I guess you don’t have an idea, why it does not work for me?