Do we need an Fvwm Modules forum?

Do we need an Fvwm Modules forum? (Please read the explanation below before voting)

  • Yes, make it a separate forum
  • No, just change the "Other scripting languages" forum to include not only scripting languages
  • No, leave everything as it is.

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Do we need a separate forum for Fvwm Modules? Or should the “Other scripting languages” forum be renamed to “Other languages” as to include C and in fact every other language that you could possibly use to write Fvwm scripts and modules in?

[EDIT]Changed the poll duration from neverending to two months (well 60days to be more precise)

I’d say yes- if for no other reason than tp gather all the modules and module announcements together in one place.

It might even stimulate some module development and discussion :wink: