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Greetings, i have a question, about how to make my icons “grow up” in my dockbar, when i move the mouse to the icon, in the dockbar.
like this:

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Look at:

ActiveIcon and PressIcon in ‘man fvwmbuttons’ – or search for “OSX-Milky” on these forums – there’s plenty of examples in other people’s configs.

– Thomas Adam

Hi UltraDiabos,

I do this what you want over FVWMButton:+ I module FvwmButtons FvwmDock : : *FvwmDock: (3x8+7+0, ActionOnPress, \ Icon $[fvwm_icon]/32x32/apps/kfm_home.png, \ ActiveIcon $[fvwm_icon]/48x48/apps/kfm_home.png, \ Action(Mouse 1) `exec exec $[fvwm_file]`, \
As I hover over the icon it grows up as you want. You could download my config, to see it live :wink:

Best Regards,


that OS X dock zoom style is not possible with FVWM. You can very efficiently make icons ‘zoom’ as you hover over them with TF’s explanation, however, the icons at the side wont grow as your screenshot show, or as OS X docks do. To do that you need some desklet (check adesklets and gdesklets) or engage (enlightenment applet). This isnt as nice on your system as the ‘normal’ growth would be, but if you really want it to grow the icons including the ones on the side as you mouse hover them, those are your options.

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